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As the name suggests an in chassis rebuild kit is used when you are rebuilding your diesel engine while it is still fitted to the truck, machine or industrial equipment.

With this in mind an "In Chassis Rebuild Kit" contains: Piston and liner assemblies, Conrod bearings, Main bearings, Top gasket set (VRS) and Sump gasket.

If you require any of the front/rear seals or gaskets relating to the timing case or bottom end, it is suggested that you ask for a Bottom gasket set or Full gasket set as well.

The engine number helps us to identify the exact model and series of engine you have.  Some engine series run over decades and have been modified for different applications and upgraded as new technologies have become available.

Once we have the engine number and identified the make and series, we have a base to start working out what parts have been fitted specifically to that engine and can look at any variations that may be applicable to that series of engine.

If the tag is missing or the engine number isn’t stamped into the block look on the registration papers for your vehicle as it should be written there.

If this isn’t the case then you may need to remove the cylinder head and sump, look for the numbers on the pistons, liners, conrod and other major components.  This may allow us to narrow down the search.

The simple answer is yes.  Remove a bearing shell from the connecting rod or main bearing cap and look at the back.  Some bearings are marked either STD (Standard) – 010 (Ten thou or .25mm) – 020 (Twenty thou or .50mm) – 030 (Thirty thou or .75mm) – 040 (Forty thou or 1.00mm)

Always check the condition of the crankshaft journals, the old bearings and the conrod.  If there are any deep grooves on the crankshaft journals or discolouration of the crank or rod it may be best to remove the crankshaft and have it checked for hardness, cracks and wear.

Always check your clearances.  Most reputable parts retail chains will have plastigauge available for purchase.  Although it isn’t a perfect measurement it will give you an indication of the clearances you have.  Too little or too much clearance can cause major engine failure.

If the packaging is opened, damaged (unfit for sale), dirty or has been fitted.  Then the answer is no.  If it is sealed and in good, saleable condition.  Then yes, however a 20% restocking fee will be charged and all return freight charges are to be paid for by the customer.  The only exception will be if the item is a special buy in by ourselves or a supplier, special buy items cannot be refunded.

Even in the case of incorrect supply, without prior approval, any parts returned after 30 days will not accepted for credit.

Always check the parts are correct before fitting them.  If someone has worked on your engine in the past and has changed or swapped parts around, then the parts you have purchased may not fit.  We can only work off the engine numbers and information supplied, it is the responsibility of the fitter to ensure the parts will fit correctly prior to any installation attempts. For returns, please refer to the FAQ "Can I return parts I don't need anymore?"

If the part has been supplied incorrectly by our staff or suppliers, freight must be prepaid for assessment and any freight charges will be credited along with the cost of the parts after inspection.

If the parts were fitted and/or damaged by the customer then a credit may be rejected.

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